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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Black Cock - Trina

The fellas where just chillin at the studio and decided to order a massage girl and see if we could get some off her. Sure enough young Trina was just starting off and needed some money to get her massage table. She was quick to get his big rod in her mouth and try to take it all. She then fucked his cock nice and hard taking it all inside her earning her table!

Shane Diesel is one of the newest black cock slingers on the porn scene, and it's easy to see why he was chosen. His thick, black cock is veiny and hangs long, and all the white girls can't get enough of it. Girl like Trina is amazed when she see it for the first time and love to woship his black meat with a long tongue bath.

In this interracial scene, Shane Diesel lays his black pipe to Trina, an aspiring masseuse. He and his friends were hanging out in the studio one night when they decided to call a massage therapist. Trina showed up on her first massage gig and Shane Diesel smooth talking convinced her to make his massage one with a happy ending. She kisses his cock and he fucks her throat just like he's fucking a wet and willing pussy. He can barely fit his thick snake inside her pussy, but once he does, you can see her pussy cream around his thick, black cock. Trina will remember forever the big black cock that stretched her white cunt to the max.

BlackZilla - Stefany

Seeing girls with hairy pussy is pretty rare these days. It seems like just about every girl shaves or gets herself Brazilian waxed like a porn star. Personally, I like to be shaved bare, but I know a lot of guys like a little grass on their playing field. Some of them think a little hair looks more womanly, while other guys think a girl with a wild, hairy bush is probably pretty wild in the sack too.

Maybe they're right, because this girl, Stefany sure does prove to be a wild woman for black cock. I found this teen girl with a hairy pussy getting fucked by Shane Diesel. She doesn't have a huge bush, but she has a light brown fur all over her mound and creeping down her butt crack.

When Shane splits her hairy peach with his log, she screams and creams all over his cock. This girl has never had a cock quite this big and he really manages to stretch out her tight teen pussy. As Shane starts to pump his cock in between her hairy pussy lips, her girly guices flow out and makes every single hair glisten. Shane fucks her cum-matted coochie and fills her mouth with a load of his ball juice.

Blackzilla Daughter Diesel Shane - Envy

Envy. That name has been around for a long time and after a few weeks without a black cock slut of the week, I have no idea why I've waited so long to grace her with the title. So what makes her so deserving? Her utter devotion to black cock and cuckoldry.

Envy is married, but she describes her husband's cock as ''laughable''. This slut's best skill is oral. Not the cock-sucking kind, the verbal humiliation kind. She teases her husband, describes her love for black cock and encounters with black men in excruiciating detail, and makes fun of his ''shortcomings'' mercilessly.

She fucks her black studs while her husband is at work and even chooses to spend her Valentine's Day fucking one of her many black lover instead of her devoted husband. I'm sure this is they kind of thing that drives him mad with a mixture of jealousy and lust.

Like every other black cock slut, Envy loves dark dick and she saves a special place in her pussy for thug cock. She takes black cock one-on-one as well as gangbangs and has no problem bringing home a creampie pussy dripping with the seed of every man there.

One of the more interesting areas of Envy's site are her ''wormshots''. Cucks send in pics of their puny pricks and Envy is kind enough (or mean enough) to post them on her site for the world to see. Is this more attention than a cuck deserves? Probably so.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blackzilla Diesel Shane - Jackie

I've always been intrigued by mature white women who get married to white guys and then become total fiends for black dick. Their black cock addiction didn't start early like mine. Most of them go decades before trying out the dark meat, and then suddenly one day, they have an insatiable need for black cock.

Is it because their husbands can no longer satisfy them with their skinny white peckers? Do they see their son's bringing home black friends and start to fantasize? Or is it because they were all raised in the 50's and 60's when they could never even sit next to a black guy in high school math class, much less imagine ever fucking some young black dick?
Shane Diesel seems to have the gift of the golden tongue. He's able to get white moms to leave their safe, gated communities and spend the afternoon chocking down his big black zilla cock. This suburban mom is from the ladies who lunch set. She spends her days watching Jackie, planning charity dinners, and wishing her husband would spend more time at home. Now she's got a new fantasy - black cock.
As soon as Shane Diesel unzips his pants, Jackie goes from faithful mom to black cock-hungry ho in a matter of seconds. He offers her some of his ''nigga cock'' and she tries her best to stretch her mouth around his unbelievable girth. Even though she has kids, her pussy is pretty, pink, and tight....until she let's Shane inside. She slides back on that delicious dark dick and he stretches her twat in every direction. Her pussy is so loose when he's finished that all she's going to be good for is a receptacle for black cock and cum. There's no way she can hide her stretched out twat from her husband. Oh well, I hope she makes out good in the divorce, because she'll be fucking negro cock from now on.

Blackzilla Moms - Roxanne

Young chicks aren't the only ones in love with black cock. The mature ladies can't seem to get enough of Shane Diesel enormous black meat either. So with all the excitement and positive responses over Roxanne, I decided to introduce another sexy Blackzilla MILF.

This time, the MILF is a middle-aged brunette. She might be a little younger than Roxanne, but she's still just as horny for black cock. She complains that she doesn't get nearly enough cock, but Shane Diesel's big black pussy pleaser is the one who can scratch the itch that other cocks can't even reach.
You never know what a horny, suburban mom is doing with her afternoons. She might be grocery shopping and driving the kids to soccer practice, or she could be sneaking off to fuck hung black guys like Shane Diesel. I know how I'd rather spend my afternoons - and it ain't baking cookies!

The only balls this MILF named ''Roxanne'' wants to see are a pair of black balls bouncing on her chin as she tries to deep-throat the biggest cock she's ever seen. In the full video, he stretches her pussy out in the missionary position before putting her on her knees to really ram it home. You can hear the sound of his balls slapping her clit as he gets fucks her hard and gives her the kind of screaming O she hasn't had in years.

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My Moms Fucking Blackzilla
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All those pages in each update are interlinked and the big pictures are also linked so that you don?t have to return to the gallery page before moving on to the next big picture. The word ?big? to describe the pictures is really very appropriate because these images are big. The ones that I looked at were all 902x600 and the quality was excellent.
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The video is presented a little differently to most sites. The only time you get access to the full-length video of any update is in the week that it?s first posted to the site. After that week the full-length video ceases to be available. From then on members can access broadband clips or DSL clips that will stream from the site. Members can also download some short 2 minute clips too.
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This is a great site for anyone who loves to see Milfs getting the shit fucked out of them. It would be even better if members could actually save more than just the one full-length video.